Hallucino Attics (Dissolved Reconstructed 2001-2006)

A New compilation on Section 27 called “Hallucino Attics” is out now.
25 tracks of original material from Various artists who were given Raw material from Dissolved and sculpted it into new forms.

Review by Igloomag. http://igloomag.com/reviews/hallucino-attics-section-27


Faint Chamber Zero

Faint Chamber Zero, the new album by Dissolved is out today!
The follow up album to Dissolved’s 2012 album “Faint Chamber“, this¬†album takes that initial concept and expands on it, bringing in
more structure and beats than its predecessor while still staying in the realms of experimental ambient and electronics and perhaps going into weirder territories.
Faint Chamber Zero is available at Bandcamp here.